Tikka Masala

– with pearl barley and sugar snap peas. Make your own Garam Masala

Marinated Plant Mate

The roasted and seasoned Plant Mate product can be used in salad, as pizza topping, as pita filling, in kebab wraps, in soup, as a snack

Shepherds Pie

Serve dish with a shredded carrot salad and a nice piece of bread.

Curry Pot

Tastes like the popular dish - "Chicken in curry" - only without chicken!

Pasanda with quinoa

Pasanda has a nice spicy and deep flavor. Make a big pot - and have a meal in the freezer

Kebab Wrap

The salad can naturally be put together according to seasonal greens and whatever might be in stock.


You can freeze the pirogues before and after baking. The pirogues are great the next day, hot and cold.

Marrocan Tagine

Moroccan tagine can be frozen or stored in the fridge for 4-5 days.

Chicken-like Salad

Serve as lunch or as an appetizer on a nice piece of bread. Garnish with celery, capers, or red onion.

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