Organic Peas
Faba Beans and Oats

Our raw materials are all organically grown.
ORGANIC means working with nature! Not against it.

And that means no pesticides, no fertilizer, no GMO
– but rather a general respect for all living beings!

In our TVP-products we use a mix of peas, faba beans and in our snacks and crisps, we use peas and oats.

From organic farms in Denmark
and other countries in Northern Europe.

80% of our raw materials are from peas! Both pea, faba beans and oats grow naturally in the Scandinavian and the Baltic countries and have been here for centuries.

Adding peas or fava beans in the crop rotation on an organic farm, works really well because they are leguminous crops that also fix nitrogen into the soil.
Growing ex. vegetables or cereals, clover, oats, peas or fava beans in a four-year crop rotation creates a sustainable farming system on farms without animals.

We work together with organic farmers and organic organisations on development of more legumes in the crop rotation and expect that most of our raw materials have grown on organic farms in Denmark in few years.

However, the transport of raw materials is a very small part of the climate impact in the overall calculation. See Climate Rapport on production of our products today.

pea sprout