Half & Half burger

The recipe for how to make a burger pattie with 50% beef and 50% Plant Mate.

By combining Plant Mate and animal-based meat you save both CO2 and ingredients cost, compared to an entirely animal-meat based burger.

Spicy kebab
or other seasoned Plant Mate Slices

 Experience how easily you can make a spicy kebab with Plant Mate Slices. You can basically use any seasoning; the process is the same. Once hydrated, your Plant Mate Slices can be pan- or oven fried to get this crispy surface texture.
Find the recipe and more ideas for seasoning here.

Plant-based burger

Our signature plant-based burger, with Plant Mate Shreds.
Stirs together in few minutes with cold water. We use Plant Mate Shreds infused with melted coconut oil to get the satisfying greasy meat-like texture. But why not experiment with hemp seeds, sunflower seeds or similar?

Plant Mate protein ingredients assortment

Get the basic introduction to our Plant Mate ingredients. We have developed a wide range of different shapes and sizes, to replace meat in practically any application. They are good replacements for fish and egg, too! They are all based on pea- and fava bean protein concentrate – mechanically milled and strained for the mildest processing possible, with no processing chemicals. Find more inspiration in our application universe at


Facon with Plant Mate taste very simular to Bacon!

If you use smoked salt and smoked paprika, most people will be surprised by the crunchy salty taste.

It only takes a few minutes to make Facon.
Find the recipe here.

Tikka Masala

Tikka Masala is popular all around the world. With Plant Mate products from Organic Plant Protein – and good spices – you can make a very tasty version of Tikka Masala.

Find the recipe here

noTuna Mousse

You will be surpriced! The taste is excellent…

Find the recipe here