The major problems of our time — climate change, enough food for everyone, energy sources, biodiversity, soil fertility, nature, clean water, food security, financial security — cannot be understood in isolation as a question of only CO2. If we focus on only CO2 – we maybe forget all the other important issues.

Organic farming and food production is part of the solution!

Organic Plant Protein is working hard for a better future:

  • We only use organic raw materials
  • We use energy from windmills
  • We use energy saving techniques
  • Our products can reduce consumption of meat

Together this gives a low climate impact that are among the most sustainable plant protein products available.
The climate impact is 0.93kg CO2e/kg product from Organic Plant Protein. See the full Report on climate impact from external expert.

Working for the Future

If we only focus on CO2, we will continue to see problems concerning the fertility of soil, the quality of groundwater, biodiversity and healthy clean food products. Ecology is holistic thinking and doing!