Our organic TVP-products are based on a combination of pea protein and faba bean concentrates. All products are additive-free and allergeen-free with an excellent eating quality. The taste of all our products is mild and pleasant and low in off-flavours.

The raw materials are dry fractionated which means that no processing chemicals has been used in the entire process from plant to products. Consequently, our products are among the most sustainable TVP`s available!

We offer a range of high quality texturates varying in shapes and sizes. Plant Mate Products from Organic Plant Protein have long shelf life and no fridge required. Find more information about our TVP-products here.

Snacks and Crisps

We also offer spicy snacks and crispy crisps with a high level of protein and fibre – all without additives. More information about these products coming soon.

Our production are certified by the International Food Standard, FSI.