How to use

Plantbased protein products

Hydration of the dry products

Our TVP products are available as dry products that need hydration. Watch this video on how to hydrate. It is very simpel! After hydration you can use the products.
It is possible to make many different wellknown meals with these products if you replayce the meat in the recipe with plant based protein from Organic Plant Protein. Just try one of our recipes to learn how – after that you will find it easy.

Recipes and Inspiration:

Bolognese – Plantbased

Pizza – Plantbased

Burger – Plantbased

“Chicken” Curry – Plantbased

Shawarma – Plantbased

Snack Bar – Sweet and Plantbased

You can find more recipes in Danish here.
Chilli sin carne - Organic Plant Protein
Plant bolognese - Organic Plant ProteinCurry plant balls - Organic Plant Protein