How to use

Chunks and Granulat

Hydration of Textured Vegetable Protein-TVP

Our TVP products are available as dry products that need hydration before further processing.

The best results are obtained if the dry products are soaked in cold water containing 1% of salt. The product should be drained, when complete hydration is obtained.


]Recommended hydration time can be seen in the table:

Product Hydration time/min
Granulate soft
Granulate hard
Chunks soft
Chunks hard

Hydration times can be reduced by use of hot water, but the texture may be compromised.

If you are going to use the chunks and granulate in a sauce, you can reduce the hydrating time.

Recipes and Inspiration

Bolognese – Plantbased

Pizza – Plantbased

Burger – Plantbased

“Chicken” Curry – Plantbased

Shawarma – Plantbased

Thai Noddles – Plantbased

Snack Bar – Sweet and Plantbased