Organic Plant Protein

Organic high-quality plant-based protein products

Organic Plant Protein

Organic Plant Protein A/S is a company with the mission to support and enhance the important transition towards a more plant-based and sustainable diet through the development and production of high-quality organic plant-based protein products.

All products are organic, soy free, gluten free and without additives.
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Plantbased organic food for the future

Plantbased organic food contributes to biodiversity, soil fertility, clean drinking water and a better climate.
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Plant Mate products for all kinds of meals

TVP-products from Organic Plant Protein can replace meat in popular meals from all over the world.
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 Texturized Vegetable Proteins – TVP

Our products are produced in a dry mechanical process without using water, isolate and chemicals.
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and Crisps

We also offer healthy and tasteful snacks and crisps. High in protein and low in fat – made from organic peas and oats.  Read more …

and Media

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Visit our production plant in the middle of Jutland in Denmark.

In our fields we grow red clover, sunflowers and other plant for the birds and insects in the area.

Contact our team – and you will feel welcome!

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