How to make facon.

Half & Half burger

The recipe for how to make a burger pattie with 50% beef and 50% Plant Mate.

By combining Plant Mate and animal-based meat you save both CO2 and ingredients cost, compared to an entirely animal-meat based burger.

Spicy kebab
or other seasoned Plant Mate Slices

 Experience how easily you can make a spicy kebab with Plant Mate Slices. You can basically use any seasoning; the process is the same. Once hydrated, your Plant Mate Slices can be pan- or oven fried to get this crispy surface texture.

Plant-based burger

Our signature plant-based burger, with Plant Mate Shreds.
Stirs together in few minutes with cold water. We use Plant Mate Shreds infused with melted coconut oil to get the satisfying greasy meat-like texture. But why not experiment with hemp seeds, sunflower seeds or similar?

Plant Mate protein ingredients assortment

Get the basic introduction to our Plant Mate ingredients. We have developed a wide range of different shapes and sizes, to replace meat in practically any application. They are good replacements for fish and egg, too! They are all based on pea- and fava bean protein concentrate – mechanically milled and strained for the mildest processing possible, with no processing chemicals. Find more inspiration in our application universe at