Our team is highly experienced in development of extrusion processes for dry texturization of peas and favabeans.

Large selection

Our organic TVP-products are available in different sizes, shapes and properties depending on the process and composition.
The products are based on concentrates from pea and faba bean.

No water and No chemicals

The protein concentrates are produced in a dry mechanical process without the use of water and chemicals – which means no water and no chemicals and also that the rich content of nutrients from nature`s side is maintained.

Food for everyone

Textured proteins from peas and fava beans are well suited for both vegan and vegetarian dishes and also as meat extenders.

The products are available in dry form and can be stored at ambient temperature for 24 month in small bags and for 12 month in big bags.

2021 NEWS: Nano-strips

This 2021-new product are designed specifically for burger patties and plant-based mince. Plant Mate Nano-strips mimics finely ground meat and makes it possible to mix a shapeable mince in only minutes. Mixes with Plant Mate Nano-strips retains a good texture and bite resistance both during – and after heat treatment due to the “Velcro-effect” of the fibers in combination with our Plant Mate Binder mix.

B2B leaflet texturates

And here you will find links to datasheets on the various TVP-products:

Mince Mini
Granulate soft
Granulate mini

OPP Big bags
Plant Mate electric car
Plant Mate Bites
Plant Mate Chunks
Plant Mate Mince
Plant Mate Granulate
Plant Mate Flakes
Plant Mate Strips
Plant Mate Granulate soft