About us

Organic Plant Protein A/S is a company with the mission to support and enhance the important transition towards a more plant-based and sustainable diet by development and production of organic high-quality plant-based protein products.

The Founders of Organic Plant Protein A/S are Fie Graugaard and Ulrich Kern-Hansen. They also were the founders of another organic Company i 1994. This Company, Hanegal A/S,  has become one of the strongest organic brands in Denmark.

25 years ago the focus was mainly on local issues: local environment, local groundwater, animal welfare, cleanproducts ect.

Today the organic movement also must be aware of global perspective as:

  • Reduction of CO2 to stop the global Warming
  • Food enough for the growing population on the planet

That is why the consumption of meat must be reduced!

Like Hanegal – Organic Plant Protein is a Mission with a Company rather than a Company with a Mission.



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